Law Unit 4 Case Cards - Obtaining Services Dishonestly

AQA Unit 4 Examination PM 23rd June

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Obtaining Services Dishonestly - Section 11 Fraud

Obtains Services for Himself or Another

R v Sofroniou (2004)

D falsely represented his salary and his savings in order to open a bank account with an overdraft facility and in order to make use of a credit card account.

Held: services include the operation of a bank account or credit card facility provided that there is an understanding as to payment by way of a bank charge, annual fee etc. Bank loans and mortgages are also considered as services.

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Obtaining Services Dishonestly - Section 11 Fraud


R v Stonehouse (1978)

D, a labour cabinet minister,faked his own death having secured his life insurance cover which was paid to his wife.

Held: D would have obtained services dishonestly, namely insurance services, he would have possibly been convicted of s2 Fraud by False Representation under the Fraud Act 2006.

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Obtaining Services Dishonestly - Section 11 Fraud


R v Allen (1985)

D left a hotel in Windsor without paying but maintained that he would return with his passport and pay later.

Held: the intention must be to avoid payment permanently for making off without payment and by analogy for obtaining services dishonestly.

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