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Disadvantage of having Law Commission

One third are not implemented

-the government are not obliged to implement the recomendations

-this is because the proposals do not always suit the political agenda

-this means they have a lack of power

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Disadvantage of having Law Commission

Investigation in legnthy

-can take up to years sometimes

-investiations can be interupted by investigations in other areas

-they often carry out 20 to 30 at a time

-this means they are not very thorough

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Advantage of having Law Commission

It is an independent body

-all the law under reform is not just what the current government wishes

-it is what needs to be reformed

-sometimes they choose what to reform and sometimes the government asks them

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Advantage of having Law Commission

They have considerable expertise

-consideable non-political legal expertise

-they carry out considerable research

-their recomendations are well informed

-this avoids problems when the law is brought in

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