law and order in the american west

cards explaining what cimes happened and what law enforcers there were at that time.


types of crime

Types of crime in the west were:

bank robbery,

stagecoach robbery,

train robbery,

cattle rustling,

shoot outs,

fence cuttings,

claim jumping,

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who tried to get rid of crime in the west?

the pinkerton agency would go on trains, so if there were robberies then then could get out and chase after the robbers.

the texas rangers patrolled texas.

vigilance commitees tried to sort out crime, like unofficial police men. often they caused more probelms than they solved although in one case the sheriff in a town was a member of a gang that committed crimes and the vigilante commitee hanged them so in that case they were good. 

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where was most of the crime committed?

most of the crime happened in cow towns and mining town s because it was mainly men there and there was a lack of society, this meant there was less boundaries, also the fact that there were no law enforcers, lead to  a lot of drinking and gambling in saloons. 

the cow towns were lawless because they popped up so quickly law couldnt get there and the the pure area of the plains meant that it was very hard to control, and there was nothing to take the law enforcers there in.

there was a lack of law in mining towns because it was mostly men and because they didnt earn much gold because most of it on the surface had already been found which meant when they werent working they wanted to have fun by gambling drinking e.t.c

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what helped law and order in the west?

law and order reached the west eventually because of the building of the railways,this meant law enforcers could get to the west quicker and the government could keep better control as there was better communication.

also when the men'sfamilies arrived in the west it meant that there was more of a society, so there were more social boundaries for example you wouldnt gamble and drink lots when there were lots of families with children everywhere would you?

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