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Flow chart of bill process

Green paper- it is an initial outline of the change proposed

White paper- is a more official statement of the intentions. This body makes the decision about which of there's proposals or 'white papers' is to be taken..... To the House of Commons

First reading- the bills title is simply read out in the chamber. The bill is then made available to all members to parliament.

Second reading- MPs or peers discuss the main principles of a bill. MPs may vote at the end of this stage, particularly if a bill is controversial.

Committee stage- a bill is then considered line by line, by committees of MPs or peers. Changes- called amendments are proposed are votes on

Report stage- the bill with amendments or changes is reported to the house. All members can review the as ended bill. Those not involved at the previous stage may suggest further changes.

Third reading- MPs debate and vote on the bill and it's final form. In the cords further amendments may still be introduced... To the House of Lords

In the House of Lords the bill goes through a similar reading process.

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The House of Lords- if all theses stages are satisfied it will progress to the House of Lords. The HOL can send it back up to 3 times 'ping pong procedure' then becomes an act of parliament

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