Latin Verbs 2

OCR GCSE Latin - Vocabulary List Higher Tier

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Verbs 2

debeo debere, debui, debitus - owe, ought, should, must

doceo docere, docui, doctus - teach

habeo habere, habui, habitus - have

iubeo iubere, iussi, iussus - order

maneo manere, mansi - remain, stay

persuado persuadere, persuasi - persuade

respondeo respondere, respondi, responsus - reply

rideo ridere, risi- laugh, smile

sedeo sedere, sedi- sit

teneo tenere, tenui, tentus - hold

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Verbs 2

terreo terrere, terrui, territus- frighten

timeo timere, timui - fear, be afraid

video videre, vidi, visus- see

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