Latin Verb Endings

Some verb endings needed for GCSE latin.

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Present Tense

Porto - I carry

Portas - You carry (sing.)

Portat - He/She/It carries

Portamus - We carry

Portatis - You carry (plur.)

Portant - They carry

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Perfect Tense

Portavi - I carried

PortavistiYou carried (sing.)

PortavitHe/She/It carried

PortavimusWe carried

PortavistisYou carried (plur.)

PortaveruntThey carried

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Imperfect Tense

Portabam - I was carrying

Portabas - You were carrying (sing.)

Portabat - He/She/It was carrying

Portabamus - We were carrying

Portabatis - You were carrying (plur.)

Portabant - They were carrying

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Future Tense - The 1st and 2nd Conjugation

Portabo - I shall carry

Portabis - You will carry (sing.)

Portabit - He/She/It will carry

PortabimusWe shall carry

Portabitis - You will carry (plur.)

PortabuntThey will carry

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I think you need some more tenses...

Four tenses won't get you through the exam!

It is a start though, keep it up :)

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