Latin Prose: Revenge

OCR GCSE Latin Prose: Revenge parts 1-4

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REVENGE: part 1

On the day the senate met, Tiberius delivered a restrained speech. 

'Piso' he said, 'Was my father's representative and friend. I have sent him as

Germanicus' assistant with the authority of the senate to administer affairs in the

East. With unbiased spirit, it must be judged whether Piso annoyed the young man

with arrogance and rivarly and rejoiced at his death or destroyed him with

wickedness. At the same time consider whether he stirred-up the legions to


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Plancina's behaviour:

-cheerfully went to Rome
-festively decorated their home
-feasted and banqueted

'orationem moderatam'

-'the Emperor Tiberius delivered a restrained speech'
-WHY?- he did not want to get involved/upset anyone/be baised/ take sides.

Word Order- lines 71-73

-'eum'-referring to Piso put next to Germanicus- juxtaposition
-'misi'- verb in the middle of the sentence, detract from him
-'ego'- in the middle of the sentence; distance himself, dump responsibility
-'cum...senatus'- leading to the persons who were responsible (i.e the Senate) 

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REVENGE: part 2

Then two days were allocated for the presenting of the charges and it was decreed

that after an interval of 6 day the accused would be defended for 3 days. Three

friends of Germanicus alleged with similar eagerness that Piso had corrupted the

soldiers with disorder and the injustices to his friends because of his hatred of

Germanicus and his enthusiasm for revolution. They added that finally he had

killed Germanicus himself with curses and poison. Then they claimed that both

Piso and Plancina had attacked the state with arms after they had performed the

rites and wicked sacrifices.

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no analysis ... 

but you just wait, my friend..

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REVENGE: part 3

Defence stumbled on the other accusation, so neither the bribery of soldiers nor

the injustice in the provinces, not even the insults against Germanicus could be

denied; but it was only the charge of administering poison that Piso could refute. At

the same time, the voices of the people were heard in front of the senate-house,

saying that they would not restrain their hands if Piso avoided the verdict of the


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Defence could not deny:

-bribery of soldiers
-injustice in the provinces
-insults against Germanicus

Mood of  the people:

-assonance 's'- hiss
-corresponds with hostility of the people 

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REVENGE: part 4

There was the same ill treatment towards Plancina. While Piso had hope of

acquittal, she promised that whatever the misfortune, she would be his ally and , if

necessary be his friend in death. But gradually she began to distance from her

husband. After Piso realised that this would be fatal for him, he hesitated whether

to plead his case any more. And so, as if he were planning his defence for the next

day, he wrote a few words, sealed then and handed them to a freed man. He

attened to his personal needs as usual. Then, late in the night, after his wife had

left the bedroom, he ordered the door to be shut. At dawn, he was found with his

throat cut and a sword lying on the ground.


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  • 'causam diceret amplius'
    -whether he should defend himself anymore
    -verb not at the end 'amplius' at the end; emphasises 'the end'. Word Order. 
  • 'himi gladio'
    -he used the sword to slit his throat 
  • 'ianuam iussit'
    -closing the door on life 
  • 'perfosso ingulo'
    -cutting his throat 
  • 'pauca scribit'
    -writing a few words
    -lead to think this is a suicide note 
  • 'fatal'-'exitabile'
    -impending death 
  • 'curando  corpori'
    -'c' alliteration
    -setting everything in order before death
  • Reversal in Plancina's behaviour:
    -be his ally----->separated herself from him
    -no matter what-------->she went back to her own room
    -his companion in death 
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Remember it!

Here are the first letters of each word in each section of REVENGE.
Try to recall the words from the first letter alone, if you need herlp, you may look back to the translation. This will help you to remember the passages. Good luck!

part 1:

O t d t s m, T d a r s, 'P' h s, ' w m f r a f. i h s h a G a w t a o t s t a a i t E. W u b, i t b j w P a t y m w a a r a r a h d o d h w w. A t s t, c w h s-u t l t r.

Analysis: P.  O.  W. 

part 2:

T t d w a f t p o t c a i w d t a a i o 6 d  t a w b d f 3 d. t f o G a w s e t P h c t s w d a t i t h f b o h h o G a h e f r. T t t h f k G h w c a p. T t c t b P a P a t s w a a t h p t r a w s.

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part 3:

D s o t o a, s n t b o s n t i i t p, n e t i a G c b d; b i w o t c o a p t P c r. A t s t, t v o t p w h i f o t s-h, s t t w n r t h i P a t v o t S.

Analysis: D. M

part 4: 

T w t s i t t P. W P h h o a, s p t w t m, s w b h a a, i n b h f i d. B g s b t d f h h. A P r t t w b f f h, h h w t p h c a m. a s, a i h w p h d f t n d, h w a f w, s t a h t t a f m. h a t h p n a u. T, l i t n a h w h l t b, h o t d t b s. A d, h w f w h t c a a s o t g.

Analysis: C.H.I.R.P  P. F. C. 

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