Latin history

  •  caecillius
  •  metella
  •  houses in pompeii
  • daily life
  • town of pompeii
  • the forum
  •  slaves and freedmen
  •  baths
  •  school
  • elections
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  • rich pompeian banker
  • accounts were kept in a strong box and he had inherited some money but most of it was made through business
  • he dealt in slaves, cloth and timber
  •  Rich pompeian citizen had three names. first name would be personal second name shows the clan name and the last name is a family name.
  • Because he was a citizen he could vote in elections, and was fully protected by the law
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  • The women had a special role in the house
  • they were responsible for the management of the household and had to supervise the domestic slaves
  • She would also supervise preparations for social occasions and help her husband to entertain guests
  • married women could still go out to visit friends, go shopping and attend public events
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