Latin GCSE - Aeneid 2

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Aeneid 2

ei mihi, qualis erat, quantum mutatus ab illo     Ah me, what a sight he was, how greatly changed from that

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Aeneid 2

Hectore, qui redit exuvias indutus Achilli   Hector, who returned dressed in the spoils of Achilles,

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Aeneid 2

vel Danaum Phrygios iaculatus puppibus ignis,   or having thrown Trojan fire at the ships of the Greeks,

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Aeneid 2

squalentem barbam et concretos sanguine crinis   now wearing a filthy beard, hair matted with blood,

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Aeneid 2

vulneraque illa gerens, quae circum plurima muros   and bearing those many wounds, which he received around

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Aeneid 2

accepit patrios. ultro flens ipse videbar   the walls of his fathers. I dreamed I wept

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Aeneid 2

compellare virum et maestas expromere voces:

myself, hailing him first, and uttering words of grief.

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