Late Renaissance music

typical features of renaissance music

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Typical Features- Texture


  • voices tend to be spread out evenly close in range and often overlap in range (crossing voices)

  • mainly polyphony

  • voices usually equal in activity and importance

  • imitation used a lot

  • some homophony

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typical features- tonality


  • usually modal

  • forward motion created by polyphony

  • little chromatic motion

  • some cross relations

  • restrained dissonance, suspensions only sustained dissonance, appogiaturas very rare

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Typical Features- Melody


  • very vocal

  • mainly diatonic

  • phrase shapes carefully balanced

  • melodic description of melencholy- general direction of melody descending- is a common feature of many renaissance pieces,

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Typical Features- instruments, structure, rhythm,

  • gradual changes in rythms

  • voice and instrument parts often interchangable

  • organs, lutes and harps used as accompaniants

  • usually constant tempo

  • often through composed

  • little or no ornamentation

  • often very religious

  • usually in latin, or if protestand music in english or german

  • cadences are common feature of renaissance period

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