L,Aquila- HIC



  • 6th April 2009
  • 6.3 on the richter scale
  • Central Italy
  • Eurasian plate and African plate boundary
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  • 305 died- many in their sleep as buildings collapsed
  • 10,000 buildings damaged
  • 34,000 living in temporary shelters
  • rescue efforts where hampered by 300 aftershocks
  • looting forced home and business owners to remain in unstable buildings
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  • Italy was criticised for failing to meet safety standards
  • a government enquiry was made into the possibility of human error causinf the loss of lives
  • 2009 G8 summit was held there to boost the economy
  • new towns lanned for provincal capitals within two years
  • th eold town would be re-built
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