L'Aquila earthquake 6th April 2009

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Nature of event

L'Aquila earthquake 6th April 2009

Fault lines close to destructive plate margin between Eurasian and African Plates.

Started: 3:32am 

Focus of earthquake depth 5 miles

Epicentre close to L'Aquila

several aftershocks felt day after earthquake 

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Economic impacts- L'Aquila earthquake

US damage $15 billion

1000s of buildings including historic buildings- L'Aquila Cathedral destroyed

Part of hospital ward damaged- San Salvatore Hospital

Fossa bridge collapsed

Paganica water pipe broken

fire in collapsed buildings = < damage

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Social impacts - L'Aquila earthquake

70,000 people homeless

approx 300 deaths - collapsed buildings mainly

1500 people injured

aftershocks hampered rescue efforts = < damage

thousands of people mainly young moved away from area to other parts of Italy
- look for jobs  because buildings destroyed 

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Environmental impacts

Paganice broken water pipe caused landslide

Wildlife habitats affected - earthquake

1000km2 area affected surface ruptures, rockfalls and landslides 

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Responses - L'Aquila earthquake

Italian Prime minister promised to build new capital city  to replace L'Aquila

cranes and diggers- remove rubble

international teams- rescue dogs- look for survivors

Italian government temporarily suspended gas and household bills

camps set up homeless, water, food & medical care

12000 rescue and support workers brought in help with response 

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Management L'Aquila

L'Aquila had not had an earthquake for 300 years

freqeuent earthquakes in Appenine region- some disaster planning in place

Prediction- 6 seismologists working in area- local people requested criminal investion-

why did seismologists not predict it? however currently impossible  predict exactly where and when  earthquake will occur.

Building- were  strict building regulations to make sure buildings earthquake proof

- does not explain why San Salvatore hospital build in 2000 had a ward which partially collapsed-

in the winter patients had to be treated in tents outdoors as ward collapsed (and other newer buildings)

Planning Italy CIVIL PROTECTION DEPARTMENT trains volunteers- rescue operations

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