Language Change

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  • is the register formal or informal
  • is there one viewpoint or several
  • would the purpose of this text change now or stay the same
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  • Archaic language or not
  • Does the reference suggest technological development
  • Emotive lexis or not
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  • assumptions made on the readers knowledge, education, ideologies and/ or values
  • is the reader supposed to identify with specific societal roles
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  • any semantic fields
  • metaphors
  • pejoration/amelioration
  • politeness markers
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  • is the syntax (words) outdated
  • what type of sentence starters are used, e.g. declarative, exclamatory or interrogative
  • are capital letters used differently
  • are spellings different or same as modern and does this relate to standardization
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  • are there shared social values
  • is there an authoritative tone
  • any religious context
  • any assumptions about the reader's education
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