Language and gender

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biological difference between males and females 

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Difference in behaviour and role that are are result of societal expectations 

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Socialisation process

A process by which individuals' behaviour is shaped and conditioned 

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The individual responsible for the action of a verb process 

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The person or entity affected by material action in a process 

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Marked form

Stands out from the norm

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Covert marking

Marking that is understood 

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Overt marking

Marking that takes place through modification

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Assigning a general set of characteristics to a group, often with negative connotations 

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Semantic derogation

sense of negative meaning that some lexical items have 

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semantic deterioration

the process by which negative connotations become attatched to lexical items 

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folk linguistics

Attitudes and assumptions that have no evidence or proof

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covert prestige

a form of high status given to non-standard forms

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Tag question

group of words that turn a declarative into an interrogative 

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Hedging device

Linguistic device used to express uncertainty

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Boosting device

used to intensify the force of an expression for added emphasis 

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