Langer and Rodin- Alternative Evidence

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Langer and Rodin- Alternative Evidence

Supported- Farrare
1)He found that in old people who did not choose where they lived 8/17 died by the end of 2 weeks & 16/17 were dead in 10 weeks (all unexpected)
2)Supports as L found 71% of the CG were judged to have become more debilitated after 3 weeks
3)L more scientific as there was a CG to compare RIG to but F didn't have this

Supported- Seligman
1)He said lack of control leads to permanent feelings of helplessness and ultimately depression
2)Supports as CG spent more time completing passive activities&were deemed more debilitated
3)L is more valid as they used human pps (rather than dogs) so more representative to elderly

Challenged- Savell
1)He found there was no difference in physical wellbeing & leisure satisfaction of 43 elderly pps placed in groups with and without control
2)Challenges as suggests choice doesn't affect wellbeing in elderly clients
3)L as higher in internal validity as the difference in choice between the 2 groups wasn't great in S

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