Landscapes of the UK: Case Studies

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River Wye

Geomorphic Processes: 

  • Landslides - mass movement
    • Reduced by vegetation as it binds the soil together - it also lessens the rate of erosion
  • Traction on the bed
  • Removal of sediment from slopes creates steep sided v-shaped valleys


  • Upper Wye:
    • Mountainous impermeable landscapes
    • Bogs, heaths, moorlands, floodplains and limestone areas
    • V-shaped valley - It is a result of glaciations
    • Waterfalls and rapids
    • Wye Gorge (between Goodrich and Chepstow
  • Lower Wye:
    • Symonds Yat - limestone outcrops rising over 120m (tourism)
    • Bristol Estuary
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River Wye 2


  • Some areas are not permitted to be constructed on due to high flood risk
  • Chemicals in agricultural areas are controlled
  • Slowing the rate water enters channel by surface run off reduces flooding by 70%
  • vegetation also reduces chance of landslides and soil and river erosion by binding soil
  • Artifiical levees considered
  • SSSI
  • 3% of Urbanisation on the river

Human Impacts of Landscapes:

  • Bulding settlements channels the flooding
  • The river is used for irrigation in agricultural areas - high consumer of water
  • Quarrying for limestone caused surface runoff and gradient change
  • Waterfalls were removed which left a short stretch of rapids
  • Festival on Hay-on-Wye - thousands of visitors
  • Rhayador - the frist town the river passes through
  • Fishing for Salmon
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