Landforms of a Coastal Area (2)

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Landforms of a Coastal Area (2)

y ( formation of headlands and bays is especially prominent in a discordiant coastline. This is when there are layers of Soft Rock sandwiched between layers of Hard Rock, which are at a right angle to the sea's position. The two varietys of rock erode at different paces, with the soft rock eroding at the fastest pace. As the diagram shows, a series of bays and headlands are formed. The wave diretion will then determine which direction the eroded sediment will be transported in, via Longshore Drift. The constructive waves help to build up a beach, forming a protective layer between the cliff adn the power of the ocean. Eventually, the headlands will be eroded back too, but this takes much longer, as the hard rock is more resistant to the power of the waves due to its impermeability.

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