Plywood and Block-board




  • Manufactured from layers of venir 1mm thick
  • Venirs are layered at 90 degrees which makes it a strong and stable material
  • As there are an uneven number of layers the plywood is stable and doesnt warp or bend
  • The layers can come apart if damp
  • Can be used as flooring or in flat-pack furniture


  • 25mm wide strips of softwood positioned edge to edge and then covered with a venir this is glued together under very high pressure
  • The glues are usually water based so it is only suitable indoors
  • Good resistance to warping because of its composition
  • If it is cut the edges wont match the hardwood venir so venir strips may need to be applied
  • It can be used for tables, book shelves and benches as it doesnt sag in the middle
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