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CRS-intended audience peer group

  • Intro: ever falled down apples and pears whilst you're elephant's trunk? Got you scratching your loaf?  will if not familiar with London's secret language.
  • works-common word and using a rhyming phrase with two or more to replace it e.g look-butcher's hook. several have emerged - many still emerging
  • translate intro-stairs, drunk,head
  • second word rhyming word often completely omitted (example)-hemiteleia
  • cockney-someone who lives in the East End of London- any part where you hear bow bells
  • East End has emerged as a place where the olympics are held-used to be poorest part of the city-cockney accent heard less often in central london-still in suburbs and essex etc
  • why does it exist-rhetorical-good english word-tricky conversation-confusing locals!
  • Origins-mid 18th century-used by chaunters and patterers(travelling salesmen)-1859 John Cant
  • came about- game/linguistic accident/deliberate coded language/market trad/crim
  • definitely used less today but not dead- e.g. ayrton senna-tends to rhyme with celebs
  • plenty of time to evolve and spread throughout the UK-Australia facebook page
  • CONCLUSION- So next time you want to communicate in an unusual or exciting way to add some variety to your life then I fully suggest using cockney rhyming slang
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  • wake up during the night-flash-sound of what sounds like drumming (machine gun)-fear for your life-want to escape-leave or stay? emotions-bad dream? UK-yes? Syria-reality- It is something that you have to face every day, every evening, every living moment whilst you’re in that country.
  • syrians escaping horrors of war, terror of  militants-get a sense of normality-keep themselves safe (children and home)- provide sense of security and create their future? considr desert, heat etc
  • story of Ali-a young child who has had left syria of shelling- broke into houses, stealing etc- family died- journey to Europe-unsafe, dangerous, illegal- wants to go to school- unsafe dinghys-provision for shower-toilet
  • Alis message to world  is that children are now homeless and they are losing their
  • parents. 
  • migrants need to be able to join, continue, contribute-economy, culture and diversity
  • migrants are the future- fresh opportunity, fresh start and give them respect
  • courage- DAN RATHER- Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.

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