Labelling Theory #2

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Social Construction

Deviance is a social construction

Briar found police tend to label certain groups as criminal based on stereotypes e.g. time, dress and ethnicity

Working class more likely to be arrested, middle class however have access to resources e.g. lawyers

FOR INSTANCE - police tend to patrol working class areas meaning more working class arrest

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Effects of labelling

Secondary deviance is a result of labelling as it becomes a persons master status,or identity

This excludes them from society resulting in...

SELF Fulfilling Prophecy - the individuals lives up the label and result in them joining a deviant subculture

Deviance amplification increases rather than deceases deviance e.g. Folk Devils a study by Stan Cohen looked at Mods and Rockers

Media exagerrating induces moral panic, police respond by making more arrests, then demonisations of these Mods and Rockers occurs resulting in more deviance 

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