La Zona Key Scene Micro Analysis


Opening Sequence

- opens with shot of car window - big white houses and greenery reflected onto it,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of high strings music and soft piano - melancholy,

- pov shot from front of car of woman power walking, beginning to get sense of affluence in community,

- shot pans upwards from car to show whole community of big, white houses,

- close up side-on shot of Alejandro, see family moving out,

- camera follows butterfly - pan, more affluence of community shown - water features and green gardens, 

- camera pans up to barbed wire fence, butterfly dies, monochrome favelas piled high in background.

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Golfcourse Scene

- wide-angle long shot of boys on golf course hill and favelas in background,

- panning shot of boys running down hill surrounded by greenery with monochrome favelas in background - stresses immaturity/naivety of boys,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of low/high strings music at a fast pace, increases tension, music increases in speed and volume as the scene progresses,

- every shot of them running can see favelas in background, 

- diegetic shouting of boys as they run,

- empty, green field contrasted with compact favelas,

- hand-held tracking backwards whilst boys swing weapons/guns around, focuses on Alejandro looking melancholy and regretful as he runs, separated from boys,

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Sewer Scene

- non-diegetic soundtrack of strings repeated - going low to high as Miguel runs,

- low key lighting in sewers, 

- non-diegetic sounds of men shouting and dogs barking from above as music quickens,

- panning up the wire fence as Miguel realises he can't escape,

- thunder in the background - pathetic fallacy,

- non-diegetic sounds of police sirens,

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'Brothers' Sequence

- begins with low, wide angle shot of Miguel crying in the forefront and Alejandro further back,

- jump cut to Alejandro beinging Miguel water in a bucket, comes close to him,

- jump cuts to Alejandro bandaging Miguel's ankle up,

- eating food together,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of low, long strings throughout,

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Killing of Miguel

- long shot from behind a bush as if being watched of Miguel being dragged out the house,

- switches to hand-held camera from behind Miguel as crowd attempts to attack him,

- diegetic shouting fades out when woman is shot, replaced by non-diegetic high strings music, 

- hand-held camera positions audience with the mob, 

- switches from hand-held to security camera shots - truth,

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