Kobe, Japan Earthquake

Case Study of Kobe, Japan Earhquake (MEDC)

[Japan, Kobe]

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Location (Data) / Plate Movement / Predict, Prepar

Japan, Kobe City

17th January 1995

7.2 Richter Scale


Destructive Plate Margin - Philipines Plate under the Eurasian Plate ... Pressure builds up and the plates jam. The release of pressure and friction created the E.Quake

Epicentre and focus were VERY close together - caused a bigger Earthquake

E.Quake drill days (1st Septmeber)

Survival Kits (Food, Water etc.)

Search dogs

Infrared Cameras to detect body heat

Train Emergency Sevices

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Effects / Facts & Figures

Highway collapsed

Buildings destroyed

Trains derailed

Bridges and Quays destroyed

-Huge traffic jams

Broken pipes caused fires

Electricity, Gas and Water supplies were disrupted

Temporary housing

Kobe population fell by 33,000 in 5 months

180,000 houses destroyed

230,000 homeless

5,500 people killed

40,000 injured

COST - $100 billion

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sarahish majid


Thanks for the notes but i need short-term and long-term responses. do you know any? :)

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