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Card 1

  • 'It's that blasted Pathalagonian again - that horror masters gome and brought''
  • 'Oh couldst thou now but speak my words for me'' - 
  • 'Enough with the parsely sauce' - Euripides joke
  • They say ******* yourself is bad for the skin. And running away, if your caught, can be bad for the skin too'
  • 'you dont even believe in the Gods!' - becoming old-fashioned idea
  • 'We'd like you to let us know: are you enjoying the play?' - metratheatre
  • 'This tanner fellow got to know our master's ways, then fell at his feet'
  • 'with all the trimmings - in real leather'
  • 'I'd baked a lovely Spartan cake in Pylos, and round he comes round and and grabs it' 
  • 'throwing Sibyline dust in our masters eyes'
  • "'get the on the right side of me, that's my advice, or you'll be next.' And we pay up" - political bully
  • 'Lets do what Themistocles did, drink a cup of bull's blood' - would not kill you
  • 'lying on his back on his hides' -  leather joke
  • "Wine's got great creative potential"
  • 'Pour me another' - drinker
  • 'a voice like an overloaded sewer' - Cleon was loud
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Card 2, 3 & 4

  • 'Look out of the corner of your right eye, and youll see Caria; and out of the left, right away to carthage' - turkey to North-east arfrican coast
  • 'all these countries will be you stock and trad, I mean your empire'
  • 'that's precisley you qualification to be a Great Man  - that youre born and bred in the Market Square'
  • 'the worst birth tou could think of'
  • 'you dont think politics is for the edcucated, do you, or the honest? It's for illiterate scum like you'
  • 'mix all the cities policies into a complete hash, butter the people up a bit, throw in a pinch of rhetoric for sweetener'
  • 'the Knights will be here, a thousand of them, all hating his guts - I beg you pardon, all hating him'
  • A Chacidian cup indeed! So the two of you are are plotting to stir up a revolt in Chalcidice!'
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Card 5

  • Parados
  • 'He's the whirlpool that sucks the revenue away'
  • 'Order of the Three Obels! Remember how I fed you all thyese years with my prosecutions - right or wrong, I never gave a damn, I just shouted as hard as I could!' - suggesting jury is corrupt
  • 'Haven't you had your finger in the public pie for years?'
  • 'No ones safe'
  • 'I'll outdo him, I'll beat and shout him down!'- to be a politician you need to be corrupt and rude
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Card 6,

  • Agon
  • 'I charge him with supplying strings of sausages to undergird warships'
  • 'I indict this man for high glutony'
  • 'with a bag stuffed full of public bread and fish into the bargin'
  • 'Not even Pericles was allowed to do that!'
  • 'When youre a general, I'll accuse and try you' -isonomia
  • 'I'm also a son of athens' market square'
  • 'you stich shoes together'
  • 'you pulled a fast one on those farmers with cutting up yer leather so it looker thicker than wot it was'
  • 'now, you who come whence all men come who reach tthe top today' - agora - everyone comes from the market square'
  • 'i can screw the generals at Pylos  to a wall'
  • 'i'll pin you to the ground with iron pegs' - method of tanning hide
  • 'look wot he done with the ears of Spartan corn 'e brought back'
  • 'with an open mouth and an empty brainbox' - view of assembly
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Card 7, 8, 9 & 10

  • 'look wot he done with the ears of Spartan corn 'e brought back'
  • 'with an open mouth and an empty brainbox' - view of assembly
  • 'I wish that as fast as you **** up the cash, you could puke it all up so the people could sup'
  • 'I'd just tuck in behind my ******** and swear by all the gods I knew that I'd never stolen it,
  • "there was some politician feller, saw me at it and 'e said, 'This lad wil go far', 'e said, 'e'll be the People's watchdog one day'"
  • 'Nor-easterly gale getting up, blowing straight for informerland'
  • 'You got sixty thousand drachmas from the Potideans, and dont deny it'
  • 'you know wot all those trips of his to argos are abaht. 'E says 'e's trying to bring 'em into the war on our side, but all the time e's busy intriging with the Spartans'
  • 'The steel will be tempered with them spartan prisoners they've got' 
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Card 11

  • Parabasis
  • 'he speak the truth, he hates the men we hate'
  • he's been asked to be on every side why he has never applied to have a Chorus of his own, and seek Crowns for himself'
  • he didnt leap from childish games, straight to a premature silly play'
  • argues Athens forgets good comic poets - is biding his time
  • 'Men worthy this land and of Athena's sacred gown'
  • 'they made the city' - Salamis, Marathon
  • 'Don't grudge us our long flowing hair and skin so sleekly greased' - warlike apperances
  • They took their oars as we do and they hollered 'Yo-neigh-ho
  • 'Declares he heard a crab from Conrinth to his god exclaim 'Posidon, it's disgraceful, I'm denied my natural rights'
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Card 12, 13 & 14

  • 'Gigan'ic rocks o' words 'e was throwing' -  Homeric
  • go aht and grab all the bowls in the shops so no one else
  • 'I is may opinion that in hounor of the good taydings we have just recieved, we should withforth sacrifayce a hundred oxen to Athena' - mimicks him in overly posh voice   
  • "'ey presto, the Cahncil was 'is again" - easy to win over 
  • 'Won't you give audience to the Spartan ambassador?' - desperate - prepared to make peace
  • 'for an oble's worth of coriander I had the 'ole Cahncil in me pocket' 
  • 'if I don't devour you and exterminate you from this land, I shall di-i-ie!' - homeric - cyclops
  • 'you chew the stuff up yourself, give 'im a tiny tiny bit, an' pop three times as much dahn yer own throat' 
  • 'My darling Thepeoplekins'
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Card 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20

  • 'at 'ome the old mans perfectly intelligent but put 'im on top o' that hill and he gawps'
  • 'you musnt rub yer salamis scars'
  • 'with all the mud the war throws in yer face, cant see wot e's gettin up to'
  • 'e's been fobbin' you off with three obles of jury pay'
  • 'from mytilene to the east'
  • 'you're just like an eel fisher'
  • 'you can only make a killing when you stir up confusion in the city'
  • 'Even Themistocles never thought of that'
  • 'this leather stinks to high heaven'
  • 'E wanted you to buy lots and lots of it and eat it, then start farting when you were sitting on the jjury and kill each other with the fumes
  • 'An election baked bean sandwich - pun on demos - can mean cooking fat  
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Card 21

  • 'Athens, lentil soup, Sparta, fresh mackerel, dealers wot give short mesure of barley''
  • 'just nibbling orf bits of oracles like it was a door'
  • 'in the darkness of night he goes doglike, unseen, to the kitchen, then he licks clean every plate'
  • 'E's thinking of how 'e's going to make a killing by stealing tubs in the public baths'
  • 'There is a woman shall bring forth a lion in Athens' fair city'' - using prophecy about Pericles
  • "I saw Athena coming aht of the Acropolis,  with an owl on 'er shoulder an' a bucket in 'er hand, and from that she poured ambrosia on yer head an' tanners brine on 'is" 
  • "Re-educate me"
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Card 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27

  • 'if he has got a brain, i'd say, it is always on holiday'
  • 'I make the politician fat - I let him cheat and steal and that - then when he full, I cease to clown and get me up an strike him down'
  • 'the idea was Pallas', but the pinching was mine'
  • 'come on brain, think of something to fool him' - Bomolokus - trickster
  • 'to the waiter belongs the tip' - praises corruption
  • they only taught with they're fists'
  • ''Ow to look someone straight in the eye and say 'adn't never stolen a thing'
  • Phoebus Apollo, what dost thou to me - parodying Oedipus 
  • 'a little male prostitution on the side'
  • 'At the gates, next to the salt-fish stalls'
  • 'Agoracritus' - from the market
  • 'Don't forget, will you, that it was me who made you great' 
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Card 29, 30, 31 & 32

  • 2nd Parabasis
  • 'not long ago the warships had an meeting'
  • Girls, have you heard the rumour ? that a hundred ship are against the carthaginians are being urged to go'
  • 'Gods, but I never be Hyperbolus' own' 
  • 'if that is what they want, the let us sail to theuses shrine for sanctury'
  • 'protector of the isles that were once swindeled'
  • 'I've boiled thepeople, made him young again'
  • 'violet-crowned Athens'
  • 'Just as Aristides and Miltiades bold'
  • 'you flapped yer wings and bellowed ''Ear, 'Ear', like a bloody bull'
  • 'was i as stupid and senile as that?'
  • 'all the rowers in the fleet, I'd give them thier full pay as they came into port' - not paid often
  • 'when a soldier's name appears on the list for an expedition, on that list it will stay'
  • 'no beardless youth will be allowed in the Market Square'
  • 'that Pathalogonian hid them in the cupboard so you could never get at 'em'
  •  Having shouting contests with tarts and bath attendants, that's just about his level
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