Kingdom of God: Saunders

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Suanders on the 'Coming of the Kingdom'

  • Jesus intended to proclaim the power of God
  • He referred to as 'The Kingdom of God' (Mark and Luke)
  • 'Kingdom of Heaven'- Matt
  • Kingdom of God, is in some ways clear and precise, but in others, ambiuous
  • God's Kingdom in first- century Palestine, was definitly not the present Kingdom
  • It is hard to say positively waht Jesus meant by 'Kingdom of God'
  • Two meanings that would have been more or less self evident= 1. God regins in heaven, the kingdom of god / heaven exists eternally. 2. He has chosen to allow human history to run on with relatively little interference
  • Almost any first- century Jew could have agreed that God rules here and now, since he exercises providence

'Humans can get ready for it, but otherwise they cannot do anythings about it: the Kingdom is like the weather

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