Kid - Simon Armitage

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Kid is about Batman and Robin. They are also father and son. It describes how you think people are amazing and brilliant when you are younger, but when you grow up, you realise they are not so great as you first thought.

When it says ''he was like a father to me' rumour' he makes it sound like his dad is rubbish, and no father is as good as they seem although everyone says that.

He says 'I'm not playing ball boy any longer' suggesting that he made him do stuff, and he did it. Now he realised it wasn't important and he was being used!

'I'm taller, harder, stronger, older' shows that now he has realised what his father did and that he's better now.

Where it says 'it makes a marcellous picture', it shows that he might look big, strong and brave but in the inside, he is not.

'now I'm the real boy wonder' shows that he's the new Batman, and he's better and stronger. The old Batman was a 'baby' and 'stewing over chicken giblets'!

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umm i dont think batman and robin are father and son.



No i mean they could represent a father and a son!! :)



what is the theme of this poem ?



love and trust

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