Keywords PT2 from "Lifespan Development" by P. Mitchel & F. Ziegler (2013)

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What is "egocentric speech"? How many types did "_

  • Speaking in a way that does not respect. the informational needs of the listener
  • Piaget identified three types:
  • Repetition: young children sometimes repeat sentences or phrases immediately after hearing them. No apparent reason. 
  • Individual monologue: young children sometimes make a running commentary of what they're doing. As if thinking aloud. Sometimes adults also do this.
  • Collective monologue: a child may or may not intend to communicate info to others in the group, but egocentric speech prevents anyone being able to grasp the meaning. 
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What is "communicative value"?

The effectiveness of a message in informing the listener.

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What is meant by "moral subjectivist"?

  • A person
  • Judges moral acts based on intention behind them, rather than consequences of the act.
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What is a "moral realist"?

  • Person
  • judges moral acts by the physical consequences, rather than the intention behind the act.
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Define "instrumental aggression".

  • Aggression that is a means to a specific end.
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Define "hostile aggression".

  • Aggression is not instrumental
  • motivated in an attempt to harm another person for the sake of it.
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Define a "sensitive period".

  • Period in development
  • A certain kind of learning readily takes place
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Who belived that humans are naturally peaceful & n

The philosopher Rosseau.

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Who said that humans are born with a "death instin


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What did Rosseau and Froid believe regarding socie

  • Rousseau = humans are peaceful, aggression is a by-product of a social pathology inherent in our society.
  • Freud = believed society may harness or neutralise much of human aggression.
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