These are keywords for child development.

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Nuclear Family.

A nuclear family is a typical family with a father,mother and the children living in the same household.

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Reconstituted Family.

A reconstituted family is where one parent or both is with someone else.

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Single Parent.

A single parent family is where the one parent making all the decisions about the children.

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Adoptive Family.

An adoptive family is where the children no longer live with their genetical parents.

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Shared Care.

A shared care family is where both the parents make all the decisions for the children.

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Same sex couples.

Same sex couples can adopt a child or use surrogacy on doner.

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Fostered Family.

A fostered family is when a child is placed with another family for a short or extended placement.

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Extended family.

An extended family is when your grandparents live with you.

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Looked- after family.

A looked after child is where they are living in a children's home or in extended foster care.

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The Male Reproduction Organs!

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they produce testosterone (hormone).

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This is a bag of skin which the testis hang in, to keep cool.

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Vas deferens.

These are the sperm duct, the tube that goes to the uretha.

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Prostate gland&seminal vesicles.

They add the fluid to the sperm energy.

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The transportation out of the body.

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The placing of the semen in the vagina of the female.

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This covers the top of the penis removed in circumcision.

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Female Reproductive Organs!

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this increases from 30g to 1kg in weight during pregnancy- very muscluar walls.

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The lining of the uterus- it's where the egg implants. if no implantation it comes away as a period.

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Fallopian Tube.

The link between the ovary and uterus- fertilisation takes place.

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This catches the released the ova (egg).

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Release the egg (ovulation) make the hormones oestorgen and progesterone.

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10-12 cm- sperm is deposited at the top of the vagina.

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A ring of muscle.

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