Key Words needed for Geography Paper 1 2010

List of key words needed for paper 1


Contrasting Levels of Development Key Words

Infant Mortality: the number of deaths per 1000 live birth

Adult Literacy Rate: the percentage of adults who can read and write

People per doctors: amount of people per doctor

Access to safe water and saniation: percentage of the population that has access to this

Energy Use: the kg oil equivalent per person per year

Primary industry: associated with natural resources for example mining fishing and farming

Secondary industry: associated with manufacturing, this can be either finished products or parts of products

Tertiary industry: the services part of the industry such as shops garages and education

GNP: gross national produce, this is the value of all the good and services produced by a country in a year divided by its population

Quality of life: includes a lot more than just average income for example its takes into consideration the availability of healthcare and education and the quality of housing

HDI: huamn development index which is described as a measure of social welfare as it takes into account both social and economical factors

LEDC: less economically developed countries such as India

MEDC: more economically developed countries such as the UK

NGO'S: non governmental organizations such as oxfam

Sustainable development: development that improves living standards without the risk of making anyone worse off or damaging the environment

Infrastructure: a network of links which can include communication (road, rail air), telecommunications and basic utilities. (basically town centres)

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Resource Depletion Key Words

Resource: anything that is useful to people

Non Renewable Resources: resources that cannot be used more than once such as fossil fuels

Renewable Resources: resources that can be used again and again

Hydro Electric Power: generating electricity by water flowing downwards

Wind Power: electricity generated by the wind using turbines

Solar Power: electricity generated by the sun's rays. It has huge potential in LEDC's but not so great in UK

Geothermal Energy: hot rocks that heat water and hot springs and steams are used to generate electricity for example in Iceland, Japan and New Zealand

Biomass: vegetation and organic minerals used to make energy. This gives off greenhouse gasses but the crops absorbs its. Brazil developed ethanol from sugar cane as a subsitiute for petrol

Biogas: animal dung and waste to produce methane for fuelwood. Potential in LEDC's

Tidal Power: generating electricity from the tides. Has potential in UK

Wave Power: generating electricty from the waves energy. Has potential in UK

Nuclear Power: generating electricity from using uranium which is used in such small quantities it can be regarded as renewable but is VERY radioactive and has potential to harm humans

Recycling: using things more than once so that resources can be saved

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