Religion, Peace and Justice

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Holy War:

War which is fought over religous issues by people who believe that is what god wants

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military expedtions fought from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries when christians gathered together under a hly banner to figh to regain jerusalem and the holy land. 

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Jus ad bellum

Rules which state whether it is right to go to war.

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Jus in bello

Rules which define the correct conduct in war 

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Jus post bellum

Rules which state how peace must be established after a war. 

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selfless lve, taught by Jesus and felt by Christians for their felow human beings. 

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Conscientious Objectors:

People who refuse to join the armed forces because of their beliefs.

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Belief that all fighting is wrong

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when a punishment is designed to persuade other people not do the same thing.

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Four Cardinal Virtues

the four most important vitues or good actions which are prudence (carefulness), temperance (restraint or self-control), fortitude (courage or resilience), and justice (fair treatment). 

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When a criminal is put in jail so that the public are kept safe

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punishment which will allow the criminal to become a better person 

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When the criminal is punished so as to bring a sense of justice to the injured party. 

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Liberation Theology

The moment, principally in South America which tries to help the poor who are oppressed by social injustice. 

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Social Injustice

Unfair treatment of people in society. It can refer to issues shuch as racism, ageism, poverty, sexism, etc

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