Key Thinkers - Nationalism

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Von Herder

Romantic nationalism, opposite to rationalists

He saw the prominent part of nationalism being based of culture and language

Culture could be retained and passed through generations by language

His philosphy resembled Welsh nationalism, having the independance of culture from a hegemonic culture 

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Romanticism, he saw nationalism in terms of brotherhood and social solidarity

He proposed that Europe should be divided into 12 nation states based on a hegemonic culture

Freedom from tyrannical cultures would mean the ability to experience true liberty

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Believed Aryans displayed superior qualities to other races

Racial purity had the ability to inspire people more than religion

Lebenschraum - the idea that superior people could justifiably occupy inferior peoples land e.g. Nazi Germany invading communist Russia

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De Gaulle

Was a French nationalist who pursued and reconstructed French economy to make them more economically independant

Open support independance for Quebec

Had a unique stance as he refused both dominance of USSR and USA

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Julius Nyerere

Led an extremely divided post colonial country left in tatters by the British empire

Ujamaa - the idea of enforcing a common language to unite the vast variety of tribes and peoples

Refused to be under economic imperialism so he pursued a self sufficient Socialist system although this crumbled and led to his demise

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