Key Thinkers - Multiculturalism

I'm covering 2 because there is only 2 in the EDEXCEL specification book. 

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Charles Taylor

'Politics of recognition' - the idea that liberal multiculturalism ignores the claims of minority cultures as different and seperate

More must be done to ensure minority cultures survive

We see our identities in terms of the cultural communities we live in

For instance we cannot tolerate French in Quebec, we have to protect it too

Criticises liberals for ignoring group rights,

Assimilitation should be opposed because it denies cultural identity and causes alienation, the opposite to the goal of intergration

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Bhikhu Parekh

Charied multi-ethic commission in 200

Cultural embeddedness - People view the world in terms of their cultural upbringing

No single culture has a monopoly of understanding of what constitutes to the best sort of life

Cultures dont have single identities rather they have internal pluralistic values too

Believes not enoughs been done to recognise seperate identities of minorities

Advocates differential rights, for instance different norms should be recognised, although 'bad' practices by minority groups have to be tolerated e.g. female circumcision

He also supports positive discrimination for ethnic minorities

Cultural embeddedness is a reality, which means one can still feel alien after being granted rights of other citizens 

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