Key Thinkers - Feminism

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Radical for her time (1700s)

Was a liberal who believed woman were rational beings who were entitled to rights and freedom

Education was the answer to womans problem

Believed woman should enjoy full rights and to be able to pursue a career

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Betty Friedan

Mother of the second wave and published 'The Feminine Mystique' in 1963

Was a liberal as she wanted reforms to obtain legal and political equality

Believed womans position was due to the long term social conditioning

Limited expectations are built into girls early in life through education, religion etc.

It reinforced the idea that woman should aspire to be no more than mothers

Believed sexist perceptions should be challenged, to change public perception towards these backward attitudes

Believed woman still had the right to be nuturing and mothers

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Kate Millet

1970 published Sexual Politics

Agreed with Freidan, however she argues patriarchy had infilitrated all aspects of culture and society

Biological differences between sexes are exaggerated in an attempt to justify mens dominant role

Men seek to dominate in private life too e.g. at home or bedroom

Woman have to develop their own conciousness, therefore no relations with men and create communes

Androgyness world was ideal, once power relationships ended true gender equality would emerge 

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Germaine Greer

Male domination has repressed female sexuality and to achieve self realisation

Women could free their mind if they avoided exploitative relationships with men

The personal is political, meaning men dominate in the private life too 

She reccomended sexual freedom and was against a nuclear famil

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Sex substituted for [Marxist] class analysis of society

Alienation of women was the result of physical oppression

Oppression of women first derived from biological differences and reasoning 

Believe women would rise up against men, the result being a androgny society (sexless)

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Fought against prostitution and ***********, the clearest exploitation of woman by men

All hetereosexual intercourse was violent and used by men to exert dominance

Sex was a means of subjugating women e.g. ********* drugs

Women should become lesbian and there should be a seperate lesbian state

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