Key Themes in Under Milk Wood

The play of the voices 'Under Milk Wood' is a celebration of life. Spring, sunshine, babies, and sexual longing are recurring motifs reminding the audience that life is a cycle of birth, love and death, constantly renewing itself. The play begins in the morning, and ends at night after a full cycle of a day, nothing has changed; that is the magic of Llaregubb.

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Love in Under Milk Wood has many forms such as hatred and malice.

  • Love - Life, Spring, Babies, Fertility
  • Hatred - Poison, Death, Sterility

Malicious Gossip

  • Mrs OP, Mrs Pugh, Jack Black, Women at the pump & The Neighbours.
  • All lack love in their lives (conventional marriages)
  • criticise & seek to destroy happiness & pleasures of others (PollyG)

Love between couples seen in many forms

Mog Edwards & Myfanwy Price

  • Enjoy to love from a distance & prefer to avoid commitment
  • Will never end up together, and neither would fit into each others life.

Gossamer Beuynon & Sinbad Sailors

  • Love eachother, but will never get together, because of themselves
  • Sinbad's intimidated by an idealised picture of her
  • She longs for Sinbad in her dreams
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Love for the dead - Captain Cat, Bessie Bighead and Polly Garter

Captain Cat

  • Loved many women like Waldo
  • His love is for Rosie Proburt (dead prostitute, love of his life)
  • Cries in his sleep, and begs her to return

Bessie Bighead

  • Loves Gomer Owen
  • He kissed her for a dare (her first kiss, never been kissed since)
  • Relives that memory of "affection" all her life.

Polly Garter

  • Loved every "Tom, **** and Harry"
  • Her only true love was "little Willy Wee" pictures him when making love to other men

Mae Rose Cottage & Nogood Boyo

  • No one special in their lives
  • Overwhelmed by extravagant Sexual Fantasies
  • MRC - longs for Mr Right, day dreams about sex
  • NGB- Japanese dancing girls, *********.
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