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Improving memory

Strategies for improving memory: 

1. Paying attention - avoid distractions and focus on your attention on the subject of what you are trying to remember.

2. Elaborative reshearsal - Aid recall or retrieval of information by original memory trace being linked to pre existing knowledge / be made meaninful in some way.

3. Be organised - you have to be organised to increase levels of accuracy

4. Interference - interrupts original memory traces being remembered correctly

(ESP - encoding specificity principle. - Remembering something that is there, this predicts that recall for info. would be better if the participants were tested in same room they had studied in because you remember the context of it.)

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Other key terms

Short term memory : Suggested by different researchers to be slightly different in its ablities. It stores information for a short period before going for a long period if done properly (LTM).

3 different types of memory:

Sensory memory - taking in information from things we look at 

1. Iconic (for visual info.)

2. Visual

3. Echoic (for auditory info.)

Features of short term memory:

Capacity: How much

Duration: How long

Encoding: How? .. picture, sound etc

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