Key quotes; The Bloody Chamber

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The Bloody chamber

'I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption

Are you sure you love him?’ ‘I’m sure I want to marry him'

The Marquis has a 'strange, heavy almost waxen face'

'He closed my legs like a book'

'the old, monocled lecher

'my purchaser unwrapped his bargain'

'I longed for him. And he disgusted me'

'the castle was adrift, as far as it could go from the land'            

'The attrocious loneliness of that monster!'

'a little museum of his perversity'

'In my heart, I'd always known its lord would be the death of me'

'Assistance. My mother.'                     'fear gave me strength'            
 'I must pay the price of my new knowledge'

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The Courtship of Mr Lyon

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