Key Quotes; Francis

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Key Quotes; Francis

  • 'I felt like a knight at her feet'
  • 'Dangling pieces of flesh that used to be my ears'
  • 'I shake my head, not deserving her sympathy'
  • 'Boys with apple cheeks, too young to shave, like me'
  • 'I start to close doors, not real doors, doors to my future'
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Key Quotes; Nicole

  • 'Like the statue of St. Theresa, saintly pure'
  • 'Now her hair is short, combed straight and flat'
  • 'I started to sing dancing in the dark, but this time, she didn't laugh'
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Key Quotes; Larry

  • 'His eyes moved to Nicole and i knew the affection in his face'
  • 'The sweet young things'
  • 'We love the thing that make us evil'
  • 'Does that one sin wipe out all the good things'
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