Key Issues in social rresearch

Reliability, Validity and Ethics.

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Reliability is concerned with Replication

  • This is whether another researcher using the same method for the same research on the same group would achieve the same results

An example of this is if different researchers use the Same Questionnaire for the same research on similar samples of the population, then the results should be more or less the same.

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Concerened with Notions of truth

  • This is how far the research provides the True Picture   
  • Data can be reliable without being valid

An example is Official crime statistics. These statistics are Reliable as they would get the same results, but they are not Valid. This is becsuse tthey do not give you the fill picture.

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Ethics  are concerned with Morality and standards of behaviour. Sociologists should allways consider:

  • Sensitivities of those helping with research
  • Findings should be reported Acurately and Honestly
  • Those who help in research should be Protected by harm
  • Anonymity of those who participate in the research should be respected
  • Informed consent
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