Key Issue 4

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Why Mormans were hated?

Joseph Smith practised and encouraged polygamy, this was against christianity.

A group of Mormons called the Danites attacked Gentiles, and robbed them

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Mormans Moving West

Why did the Mormons move to Salt Lake?

The government persecuted them, eg:

  • Governor Lilburn Boggs issued anexterminating orderagainst them.

Brigham Young's influence

  • He was believed by the Mormons to be their prophet- appointed by God to lead them.

The Gentiles persecuted them. They Despised Genitiles and wanted to escape from them

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Battle Of Little Bighorn 1876

Why Custer Lost?

He weakened his forces by dividing them into three

hugely outnumbered.

 The Sioux leaders - especially Crazy Horse - were expert and experiencedgenerals.

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