Key influences: health and wellbeing and socio-ecomic

Key influences: health and wellbeing and socio-ecomic

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Health and wellbeing

The ability to sustain involvement in physical activity is dependant on health and affordabilty.

Health and wellbeing

Someone in good health (physically, mental and social) may be intersted in taking part in an activity.

Sometimes even a short term illness like a cold/flu can prevent us from taking part in sporting activity.

Long-term illnesses and health problems can make contunuing any type of sport really difficult.

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Socio-economic factors

These are the COST and percieved STATUS of an activity.

  • Some activities are relatively cheap and are accessible to many people.
  • High cost of clothing, memberships and equipment can make it difficult to participate in sorting activity.
  • Perceived status - some people may want to take part because they think the activity has a particular status, e.g. golf.
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