Key influences: culture

Key influences: culture

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Your age can influence the activities you do. You often find people of different ages doing different activities.

For example, a 70-year-old man may no longer wish to play rugby due to what the sport intails, but may be up for a casual game of tennis with his friends.

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A person's disability may influence thier choice of activity. There are many adapted activities for people with diabilities, for example wheelchair tennis and wheelchair rugby, but not all activities can be adapted in that way.

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Some sports are generally associated with either men or women. For example:

  • some men may not want to do dance or play netball as they see them as female activities.
  • some women may not want to play rugby or boxing as they see them as male activities.

Other influences may be responsible for these thoughts, for example media and fasion on the media cateogory.

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Some activites are associated more with one race than another. This can be due to: 

  • sterotypeing - people of african orgin may be pushed away from swimming and towards long distance running.
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