Key concepts in audiences and institutions FILM

Notes on the key concepts of audiences and institutions and a brief overview of what should be included in a Section B answer if the question asks for it. - FILM

No card on technological convergence, I'm still unsure about this myself so I didn't want to provide wrong information

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Issues raised by media ownership in contemporary m

American Companies - Pros/Cons I&A eg. reputation, star theory, bigger budgets, saturation release, access to special effects etc.

Independent Companies - Pros/Cons for I&A eg. more realistic (socio-realism - good and bad), small marketing, may be influenced by whoever they are financed by, small budget, struggle to get funding, may be able to make up money of DVD sales

Vertical and Horizontal integration - Vertical integration is when one major company are able to control all parts of the production and distribution of the film. Horizontal is when the conglomerate is able to expand into other institutions to control other media platforms in association with the film (Look at pros and cons of this especially for the institutions point of view)

How British is a film? - Look at the different categories from A-E

Exhibition - Different ownership will affect different types of releases eg. Independent companies will only be able to have Limited releases

Funding- How much funding is given and where it comes from will determine the 'Britishness' of a film


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Importance of cross media convergence and synergy

Institutions - eg. more profit can be made if wider range of media forms can be sold in association with a film, wider audience can be targeted, more publicity, helps to build profit and reputations, builds links with more companies

Audiences - eg. greater access to wider range of films and genres, easy access to film info, films on the go, opportunities for deals

Examples - LoveFilm, IMDB, Orange Wednesdays, soundtracks from the film (cross media), video games made of a film (cross media), etc


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Significance of proliferation in hardware and cont

Inrease in special effects - eg. 3D, IMAX, CGI, green screen, motion capture - look at pros and cons of each for both instituions and audiences eg. 3D provides a great experience for audiences but the focus of special effects could mean the storyline isn't as a good quality, also very expensive to produce

Look at social media websites - especially important for below the line marketing for independent companies that can't afford extensive advertisement for their films however there are also cons for example if information about a film is leaked eg. In one of the Batman films, someone said on Twitter that the voice was muffled so it spread round, however this can be a good thing if the production company are willing to rectify the matter

Digital vs. 35mm - Pros and cons of both digital and 35mm, what it can mean for certain film genres and film companies


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Issues raised when targeting national and local au

Socio realism - These types of films are usually aimed at local audiences as other audiences may find it too realistic and gritty VS hollywood blockbusters which are more glossy and used as an escapism as is the case with most mainstream films

Budgets/locations/technology - This slightly links in with media ownership, however some audiences may not like a film in a small council estate in somewhere they don't know as opposed to a popular upper class place in London

Cultural differences - Regional dialects have to be taken into account when targeting audiences other than local ones eg. When Attack of the Block was released in America there were complaints because the Americans couldn't understand the gang and London slang so subtitles had to be provided

Different release dates - If release dates are very far apart, then there is the problem of piracy as people don't want to wait to view a movie

Various forms of release and advertising campaigns - Advertising may be different in one country than it is in another eg. Look at the differences between the USA trailer and UK trailer of Submarine. At the start of the USA one, it says 'Ben Stiller presents..' why do you think it would say this? 


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