Key Case Studies - L'Aquila Italy

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MEDC Earthquake - L'Aquila Italy - Impacts

The Earthquake struck at 03:32am on the 5th April 2009.

Impacts (Primary, Secondary):

291 Victims dead and 1,500 injured.

Over 11,000 buildings collapsed which left 88,000 people unemployed, services and buisnesses disrupted, 28,000 students without a university to attend and 58,000 people homeless.

Medieval Buildings collapsed due to inadequet retrofitting which caused a drop in tourism to that area. There was also damage to the cathedral and a bridge.

A water pipe split which caused several landslides.

Aftershocks caused more damage.

Overall the earthquake had a $4 billion dollar impact.

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MEDC Earthquake - L'Aquila Italy - Preparation

Preparation Before:

Goverment raises national awareness of quakes and children learn about them.

A national seismic map updated regularly

Buildings retrofitted or built to withstand quakes.

6 Scientists were sentenced to 6 years inprisonment for minimising the threat of a large quake despite small tremors a few days before.

National volunteer force to help with any emergencies.

Preparation for future earthquakes:

Update Seismic map

Predict quakes from tremors and radon emissions

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MEDC Earthquake - L'Aquila Italy - Responses

Short Term:

  • Italian train companies provided free tickets and carriages for passangers to sleep in.
  • Mobile companies provided free mobile phones.
  • The government stopped all tax payments
  • 34,000 homeless housed in 101 settlements.
  • Red Cross set up a field kitchen.
  • Italian TV stopped billing and set up TVs in camps.

Long Term:

  • Government payed 100% of reconstruction
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