Key Words - Global Hazards

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What are winds?

Large scale movements of air

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Tropical Storm

Intense low pressure weather systems with heavy rain & strong wind that spiral at the centre. 

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Long period when rainfall is below average

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Flash Flood

When lots of water suddenly flows into a river causing it to overflow its banks

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Long period during which temperatures are higher than noraml

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Plate Boundaries

The point where plates meet

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Convection Currents

A movement within the Earth's mantle caused by heat of the core

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When one plate is forced under the other

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Sudden violent shaking of the Earth causing destruction

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Point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus

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The point underground beneath the epicentre where plates snap apart

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Richter Scale

Measures the energy released from an earthquake

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Seismic Waves

Shock waves travelling through Earth

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Detects seismic waves 

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Pyroclastic Flow

Super heated currents of gas, ash & rock

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An area of intense volcanic activity where there are no PB - bit of the earth's crust which is hotter than normal

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Destructive mudflow consisting of volcanic debris, mud, rock, water

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Device that measures the change of the landscape

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