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Beliefs about how the world was formed

Christians have different beliefs about creation. The bible says that in seven days, God created the universe. Starting with light, then earth, and so on. On the final day He rested. Some christians take this literallly, believing that the world was literally created in 7 days. They dont believe that this can correlate with science at all. Other Christians take this non-literally, believing that god created the world but in 7 periods of time, not necessarily 7 days. They believe that science and religion can co-exist. There are also christians who take a metaphorical view on creation. They dont believe that God created the earth as the creation story says but they believe that it is there to show that there is a purpose for human life.

Muslims believe that Allah created the universe in 7 periods of time.

Most religions belive that God created the world 'ex nihlo' meaning from nothing.

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The belief in life after death

Christians take their beliefs from the ressurection of Christ and say that onec you die, you will rise again to live in heaven with God.

Muslim beliefs about life after death are called Akhira, they believe that after death if you have lived a good life you go to paradise to be with Allah.

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The painless killing of a person suffering from an incurable and painful disease or irreversable coma

Christians are againts all types of euthanasia because it is not your choice to end your life because life is a gift from God and such be treated as such.

 Muslims are also against euthanasia for a similar reason, However they allow passive euthanasia (not taking medication) because Allah had already predetermined your life span and medication extends it and goes against him.

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The process in which different organisms have developed from other organisms.

Christians generally dont believe in evolution of humans because God created humans. However they do believe in the evolution of animals.

Muslims believe in evolution of animals because it is explained in the Qu'ran but they believe that humans were created by Allah.

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Medical Ethics

The moral principals that control the practice of medicine

Examples of this include the hippocratic oath, first said by hippocrates who believed that doctors should

'first, do no harm,'

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Quality of Life

The belief that there should be some benefits to being alive, The standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by an individual.

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Sanctity of Life

The belief that all life is sacred, and a gift from god.

Most religions hold this belief and use it to give purpose and worth to individuals.

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The spiritual part of human existence.

Christians believe that we have souls, and that this spiritual part of us it what survive death when the body dies. They dont believe that animals have souls.

Muslims believe in souls and that we gain them after 120 days of being in the womb (ensoulment), they also believe that animals have sould, just lesser souls than humans.

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