key theories - family


Functionalists- george murdock

believe all societies are made up of various family

identified 4 key functions of the family-




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Functionalists- talcott parsons

the key role of the family is to provide primary socialisation and stabilisation of adult personalities 'warm bath theory 

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Functionalists- emille durkheim

invented type of scientific method for studying society and used statistics to provide evidence for this theory regarding suicide. he struggled in hyis lifetime to get people in france  to recognise that sociology was a new way of understanding the world but his books are still being read 

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Marxism- engels

the nuclear family play a vital role in capitalist society as it allows property to be passed on the children 

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Marxism- zarestky

the family provides comfort for low paid/low skilled workers. it also buys a lot of products, thereby making profit for the richer companies

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Marxism- cooper

the family socialises children to accept the inequalities in society

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Marxism- karl marx

philopsoper, writer and economist. 

born in germany, lived in london. political views of his were unpopular in france and germany 

even some people who don't agree with communism have said that his understanding of how society works is very accurate

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the new right- murray

very traditional views on the type of family that best serves society.

nuclear family is ideal sturcture, changes to the family over the years has been negative.

 is concerned about the riuse of singleparent famililes and their effect on society

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the new right- dennis and erdos

similar views to murray, focus more on boys. believe that without a male role model, boys are more likely to drift into a life of underachievemnent.

tradititional values and parenting and the government to do more to to  encourage nuclear families

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feminists ann oakley

believe that thge family is a key institutions that reinforce patriarchy in society.

little has changed, women still do more housework and child care. dual burden.

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feminists duncombe and marsden

women do triple shift now. looking after family responsibility, full time work and emotional well being of the family 

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