Key Terminology

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Unwritten rules of acceptable behaviour in social situations.

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Lifelong process of learning the culture of a society.

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How individuals see and define themselves and how other people see and define them

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Widely accepted beliefs that some things are worthwhile.

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Ascribed Status

Status given by birth or family background. Cannot be changed by individuals.

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Patterns of behaviour expected from individuals in society. 

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Way of life of a particular group or society.

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Norms which have lasted for a long time and have become a part of society's tradition.

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Primary agent of socialisation. 

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The role position someone occupies or have in society.

Mostly refers to the social importance of a person in the eyes of other members in the society.

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Role Models

People's patterns of behaviour which others copy and model their own behaviour on.

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Achieved Status

Status achieved by an individual's own efforts or talents mainly through education.

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