Key 2: Semantics

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Denotation- Literal dictionary definition.

Connotation- Wider associated meaning.

Simile- Imagery created through comparrison.

Metaphors- Imagery created through descriptive lexis.

Personification- Describing inanimate objects with human qualities.

Imagery- Umbrella term for Similes ect. 

Visual Imagery- Imagery using sight.

Auditory Imagery- Imagery using hearing.

Olfactory Imagery- Imagery using smell.

Gustatory Imagery- Imagery using taste.

Tactile Imagery- Imagery using touch.

Semantic Fields- Several words which relate to the same area of meaning.

Hypernym- Generic noun.

Hyponyms- Specific words which relate to hypernym.

Collocation- Two words which relate to each other in terms of meaning.

Antonym- Words which have the opposite meaning.

Synonym- Different words which mean the same thing.

Irony- When language means the direct opposite to what is said.

Puns- Playful use of language.

Cliches- Imagery which has lost effect due to over use.

Euphemisms- Polite forms of language.

Dysphemisms- Offensive forms of language.

Litotes- A deliberate understatment.

Synchedonche- When words or phrases represent a whole.

Metonymy- Attribute for what the thing meant.

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Denotation- The heart is an organ which pumps blood around the body.

Connotation- The heart is associated with love.

Simile- As proud as a lion.

Metaphors- His face was a ghostly white.

Personification- The shadows crept up the wall.

Visual Imagery- The wall was red.

Auditory Imagery- The crash made a thunderous boom.

Olfactory Imagery- The room filled with the stench of rot and death.

Gustatory Imagery- The apple pie tasted like summer.

Tactile Imagery- The wall was rough and bumpy.

Semantic Fields- Semantic field of love.

Hypernym- Fish

Hyponyms- Tuna, Trout, Cod ect.

Collocation- Fish and Chips.

Antonym- Hot and Cold.

Synonym- Desk and Table

Irony- The fire truck suddenly caught fire.

Puns- Barry B. Benson.

Cliches- You shoud come take a look at this.

Euphemisms- Making love.

Dysphemisms- Pounding.

Litotes- "The food tasted perfectly fine" said Billy, knowing full well the food was aweful.

Synchedonche- Me and the guys are going out tonight.  

Metonymy- The Crown represents the Queen and the Royal Family.

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