Key 1: Lexis

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Slang- Highly specific language used by a specific group of people. 

Colloquialism- Everyday infromal lexis.

Technical Lexis- This covers Jargon and Field Specific Lexis, this is specialised language used by a particular professional.

Foreign Borrowings- Words which have been borrowed from another language.

Neologisms- Brand new words created.

Archaic Lexis- Words no longer used in everyday language.

Low Frequency Lexis- Words that are used infrequently.

Acronyms- Abbreviations which read as new words.

Initialisms- Abbreviations where each individual letter is pronounced.

Monosyllabic- Words with a single syllable.

Polysyllabic- Words with more than one syllable.

Anaphoric Reference- Pronouns link back to subject/noun.

Cataphoric Reference- Pronouns link forward to subject/noun.

Exophoric Reference- Intertextual references outside the text.

Rhetorical Lexis- Lexis which is powerful or persuasive.

Vocatives- Proper nouns used to address someone.

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Slang- Sup cuz

Colloquialism- Y'all

Technical Lexis- MRI Scan

Foreign Borrowings- Pizza

Neologisms- Selfie

Archaic Lexis- Thou

Low Frequency Lexis- Shilling

Acronyms- Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

Initialisms- DVD

Monosyllabic- The

Polysyllabic- Polysyllabic

Anaphoric Reference- Will went to the park.  He enjoyed his time.

Cataphoric Reference- He was a god.  He was strong.  His name was Will.

Exophoric Reference- Using the names of other films in a film review.

Vocatives- Will, give me that.

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