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Diet and exersize

  • A balanced diet includes everything needed to keep the body healthy.
  • Different people need different amounts of energy, because the metabolic rate varies between people
  • Metabolic rate: The rate at which reactions take place in your body.
  • If energy taken in < the energy used, the person will lose mass.
  • The more exersize you do, the more food you need
  • If the diet is unbalanced, the person can become malnourished
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Weight Problems

  • If take in more energy than you need your mass will increase.
  • Very overweight people are called 'Obese'.
  • Obesity can lead to health problems, e.g Type 2 Diabetes
  • It is also unhealthy to be very underweight.
  • Exersize helps to keep the body healthy.
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  • Is made in the liver
  • Used to make cell membranes and some hormones
  • Too much = Atherosclerosis - clogged up arteries

Less blood flow ---> Less O2 + glucose ---> lower rate of respiration

What affects Cholesterol?

  • Your diet
  • Exersize
  • Liver (genetics)
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  • GOOD
  • High density lipoproteins
  • Helps clear up bad cholesterol


  • BAD
  • Low density Lipoproteins
  • Litters unhealthy cholesterol

Saturated fat --> Raises cholesterol levels (e.g animal fats, butter, cheese)

Unsaturated fat --> Good for you (e.g Oils)

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