Kamkaze speech

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  • Kamikaze means divine wind in Japanese- honourable job

  • unquestionably die for emperor

  • They kept pictures of the emperor on them, as well as a samurai sword in the cockpit

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  • All were volunteers but not all were enthusiastic volunteers

  • You volunteered by being put in a room and asked who DIDN’T want to sacrifice themselves for the emperor- nobody wanted to be that guy

  • Others had cards with three options:  I want to die for the emperor, I REALLY want to die for the emperor and I don’t. These were displayed so everyone could see your choice

  • What is very odd is that most people didn’t think about the enemy-they volunteered not out of hatred for the enemy but of love for the country and wanting to do what is right

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  • Only around 14% of trained kamikazes were successful, mostly because the war ended before they could be used

  • They didn’t want to waste new aircraft on instant destruction so they used increasingly old and unreliable ones- older than the pilots in most cases. You were allowed to duck out if your engine failed, which was actually very common

  • However failing your mission regardless of circumstance was deeply dishonourable

  • However, this leads to the question- is it braver to reach your goal or braver to turn back?
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